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January 26th, 2011


Find yourself on my Friend Map!

I'm pretty excited about the Friend Map I've been working on. It's been an idea for years, then a piece of scratch paper floating around my apartment for months, and now hours worth of work on open source software.*

What is it, Andrea?

It is a visual catalog of the linear and a-linear relationships I draw between my friends and acquaintances. A connection can be anything from how a person looks, what their focus is on, or how I feel when I'm with them. I think most of that information is better kept private, anyhow.

I've also taken the time to show when I first met each of you. There's a handy timeline key at the bottom of the map. It's interesting to see where some of the relationships are drawn with people from a similar range of time, and others are years apart.

Clearly, this does not feature everyone I know, so if you're not featured, I hope you'll not have any hurt feelings. I guess it means that I put you in a class of your own? As connections surface in my mind, I try to update this thing. It's getting hairy in there, though :P

Considering how most of you don't know most of you, I suppose it's just esoteric whacking-off with which Andrea has been, yet again, pre-occupied. At very least, I hope you'll have fun finding your name, and then going on whatever psychological meanderings this may prompt.

Follow this link to the Friend Map: http://www.gliffy.com/publish/2438052/

Here's the list of all of you, sorted alphabetically by first names:
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Thanks for playing with me :D


*Just a note: The software helps make it look pretty and stay relatively organized. But calculating the best place to put names to clearly and efficiently connect to appropriate names? That's all me. Lots of work!!